We extend the operational life of your valueable assets

Experts in retrofit, refubishment, Brownfield E&I services

Studies, engineering design package engineering

We can work stand alone or can arrive at your works and supplement your engineering team. The ABMAS engineering office is equipped with facilities and systems to enable execute projects from minor modifications to major installations. Our engineering ‘shock troops’ can give some momentum to a client’s projects and engineering designs to enable them to meet all important delivery and performance targets.

Our teams are flexible, highly mobile and can be trusted to operate with discretion. Our understanding of the working practises of Operators and large engineering companies enables our teams to interface seamlessly with clients teams. In effect our teams can function as an extension of the Client’s own resources.

Our electrical teams provide FEED and Detailed electrical design services that include, but not limited to:

  • Navigation systems and marine applications
  • Power systems studies using specialised software such as SKM Powertools and Amtech, etc
  • Design Workpack generation
  • Design documentation including single line diagrams, schematics, interconnection diagrams
  • P&IDs
  • Preparation of pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
  • Complete electrical package engineering for turbines, compressors, and generators
  • Interfacing of new with old systems
  • Hazardous Area equipment applications, e.g. ATEX,DSEAR compliance, UL American Classification
Refurbish, Repair, Refit electrical equipment

Preserving aging or seemingly obsolete electrical equipment and instruments for our customers is our speciality, for which we have a proven track record of success. Replacing aging electrical equipment such as switchboards, for example, is not only expensive but also presents an added opportunity cost to client for disruptions to operations caused while the equipment is replaced.

Therefore, preservation and upgrade of older equipment is a diligent strategy for the shrewd customer.

ABMAS applies its intimate knowledge of a wide range of equipment to diagnose, repair and refit aging but nonetheless valuable electrical equipment. We regularly resurrect switchgear made by ABB, Brush, GEC, GE, Teresaki, Merlin-Gerin, Telemechanique, Whipp & Bourne, Reyrolles and Yorkshire as well as rarer products. We take pride in returning beautiffuly refurbished products back to customers as good as new.

All products entering ABMAS for repair are thoroughly examined and documented. This enables the client clear traceability. All product repairs such as switchgear, PSUs, etc undergo comprehensive testing to ANSI, IEC or other international standards using our extensive in house test equipment.

Our technical experts have intimate knowledge of electrical engineering and equipment, including generation, transformers, switchgear, motors and their applications and Uninterrruptible Power Supply systems. Our electronics and instrument staff compliment this service with their knowledge of control systems, communications, fibre-optics , and process automation.

The development of more sophisticated products means that upgrading and retrofitting aging electrical equipment is a real lower cost alternative to wholesale replacement. This is an attractive proposition for a customer whose Operations cannot be interrupted for long periods while new equipment is installed. ABMAS can design and install retrofit solutions for both your High and Low voltage applications using Eaton and Santon packages for example.