We relish the hunt for the illusive and getting the best prices

New or old E&I Products & oils – You need it, we get it

Electrical and Instruments Supply

Power and control is sustained on many of our clients’ assets by a multitude of old and new equipment. Keeping this equipment in top operational condition is a challenge. Trying to get hold of replacement older equipment can be exhaustive for customers whose core business is not electrical engineering. This becomes harder as manufacturers change product lines or ceases production. At ABMAS, we are particularly adept at procuring apparently old or obsolete electrical equipment, instruments and their spare parts. If in the unlikely event that we cannot do this we know which modern equivalent works with your application and where to procure it at best price.

Our technical sales people relish the hunt for seemingly illusive components or equipment, and sharing the cost savings with the customer resulting from keen bargaining. We have a solid record of success in this service. Our reach is truly global with a network of suppliers in EU, America, East Asia, Australia and Africa. We search the corners of the world to find your products and get the delivered promptly. For us, distance is not an issue whether getting a turbine-generation package or components for an aging PSU.

You would like to purchase equipment? Let our technical sales team find that part or plant freeing you up to get on with your core business.

We are pleased to announce our new shop website will launch soon. It provides the customer with information that the customer needs quickly and we look forward to sharing the new shop with you.

Electrical products & equipment

ABMAS is an independent supplier of electrical and instrumentation products dedicated to supplying top brand products at extremely competitive prices backed up with impeccable customer service. We value our independence that enables our technical sales team to make impartial recommendations and provide products that you want.

We stock a wide range of products from all major suppliers in our new large climate controlled warehouse. Typically we offer,

  • Lights (Industrial and Certified)
  • Cable & Cable management including tray, ladder and steel channel products
  • Industrial control & switchgear including PSUs
  • Site equipment & wiring accessories
Switchgear and Transformer insulating oils

ABMAS supplies customers who need new or replacement electrical insulation oils for transformers and switchgear. Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide the right oil for your application, quickly and at a good price. The potential for the presence of PCBs in older transformers means that replacing and sourcing suitable the oil needs specialised knowledge that ABMAS can provide.

Oil manufacturers often supply oil in large cumbersome containers. ABMAS provides a decanting service that supplies you with oil in manageable, easy to handle containers that suit your specific needs. We also provide new oil in a variety of containers. All oil supplied is tested by us and comes with certification, so you know will perform as designed and this saves costs and time for testing on site.

Contact us so we can help you with your insulation oil requirements